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تأمين كسرالزجاج
 تأمين اصابات العمل
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General Accidents & Liability Insurance

Wethaq Takaful Insurance – Egypt provides coverage programs against general accidents & liability insurance through customized solutions and offers various policies.

General Accidents Policies:


Burglary Insurance Policy

This policy will indemnify the insured against the loss of or damage to the property insured arising out of burglary by the use of force and violence


Plate Glass Insurance Policy

This policy will indemnify the insured against the breaking of glass as defined in the policy schedule, by the payment of an amount equals to the value of the broken glass on the basis of the price at the time of breaking and at max. Value as defined in the schedule.


Cash-in-transit Insurance Policy

This policy covers financial losses of the insured that happen due to robbery, loss or damage which may happen to the one in charge of transmission which may occur out of his control.


Dishonesty Insurance policy

This policy covers financial losses to money or property caused by employers, consequent to the dishonesty.


Personal Accident Insurance Policy

This policy covers the Insured against the accidents which lead to death, loss of a limb, permanent or Temporary total or partial disability in addition to the medical expenses resulted from such accidents.

Protection of the family and home Insurance

This policy will indemnify the insured within the limits as stated in the schedule of the policy for loss or damage sustained to the residential building or its contents as a direct result of any of the following perils:

Fire and Lightning, Loss of Rent, Liability towards owner, Third party Liability, Bursting of Fresh Water Pipes


Decennial Liability Insurance

 The policy covers loss or damage to the completed structures/building (arising due to an inherent defect in the design, material or construction of the structure), which have not been discovered by the completion of the project but are discovered after handing over the structure to the principal up to a period of 10 years.

Liability Insurance

Employer's Liability

This policy covers employers’ liability against injury and/or illness and/or death of his employees


General Third Party Liability Insurance

This policy covers the legal responsibility of the insured towards the third party against damage that occur to them or to their property resulting from his actives.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy covers the legal liability occurred as a result of professional mistake of the insured such as Doctors , Engineers, Lawyers and all consultation institutions while practicing the profession during the insurance period according to the conditions and Limits of the Policy .

Automobile Liability

This policy covers material and physical damages (bodily injury and/or property damage) caused by the insured to third parties as a result of vehicles accidents the insured's liability shall be for the value of compensation awarded, within the limit of the geographical boundaries, as set forth under the insurance policy.

 تأمين اصابات العمل
 تأمين اصابات العمل
 تأمين اصابات العمل
 تأمين اصابات العمل
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