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تغطي هذه الوثيقة  النفقات المتطلبة لقطر أو سحب السيارة

Motor Insurance

At Wethaq Takaful Insurance – Egypt we understand the value one places on his/her vehicle(s) and have with that in mind, constructed our motor insurance policies.

Motor Act Insurance Policy

The company shall issue the policy of Motor Act Insurance to cover the insured’s civil liability against third party for bodily injury and property damage (except the vehicles) determined by law no. 72 /2007 inside Egypt.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

The company undertakes to indemnify the insured against the loss and damage to the car which is insured and its parts in the following cases:

Colliding and capsizing due to an accident, fire, external explosion or auto-ignition, the intended act of the third party, during road transport, railroad transport, transit of the Nile River, transferring by lift. In addition, the civil liability for the properties owned by third parties up to 10000 LE.

 The maximum of the third party's liability may be increased against additional premium which is demanded by the insured, terms and exclusions approved by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.


Personal Accidents Policy


Personal accidents insurance covers the driver, his/her spouse, parents and children who are with him/her in the car. The risks covered are death, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability



Road Assistance Policy 


Roadside Assistance coverage exists for your peace of mind. It’s available 24/7.

When you call, a service provider will be dispatched to assist you and take care of your Emergency Road Service needs:

  • Car towing service

  • Car breaks down

  • Assistance to tire change

  • Assistance when fuel runs out

تغطي الهلاك او التلف الذي يصيب السيارة المؤمن عليها و ملحقاتها
تغطي الطرف الثالت عن حوادث مركبات النقل السريع ضد الغير
تغطي هذة الوثيقة  الوفاة  - العجز الكلى الدائم  - العجز الجزئى الدائم
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