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Wethaq Takaful Insurance -EGYPT has the pleasure to offer to its valuable clients a Group Medical insurance Policy.

We would like to inform you that our medical coverage starts from Program EGP 10,000 and up to maximum Program EGP 100,000 as per our valuable client desire.

The basic benefits 

Hospital Accommodation Accordance with the terms, conditions and the general exceptions,

benefits covered and the limits of coverage include the following expenses of this Policy:

  • Hospital inpatient and day care.

  • Hospitalization and services by type of accommodation and include:

  1. Expenses of room and meals.

  2. Doctor's and / or consultant fees.

  3. Surgeon and anesthesia fees.

  4. Fees for the surgery.

  5. General nursing care fees.

  6. Expenses of diagnostic procedures.

  7. Expenses of the operating room.

  8. Cost of recovery room.

  9. Expenses of the intensive care unit.

  10. The costs of drugs and medicines provided in the hospital.

  11. The cost of bandages.

  12. The costs of any other services covered during stay.

  13. The costs of a companion parent of the participant if he was below 10 years.

  14. Local Ambulance costs.


 Therapy in outpatient clinics

If insurance coverage is included in outpatient clinics Therapy, it includes the following:

  • Fees of consulting doctor

  • The costs of diagnostic procedures (Laboratory, Radiology and Physiotherapy)

  • The costs of prescription medicines


Additional benefits with additional premium:

Included the below cures unless otherwise specified in the schedule of benefits:

  • Home Nursing

  • Dental/Oral Treatment

  • Sight & Optical

  • Maternity & Pregnancy

  • Pre-existing cases ( chronic & critical)

Third Part Administrator (TPA) for client service:-

* Will be determined according to the client desired (Inaya - Egypt & GlobeMed & Al - Mashreq Medical Services & Smart - Care):-

* Well reputed hospitals and medical centers.

* Well diversified geographically.

* All the major hospitals & centers are to be included.

* Continuous expansion of the network to take place.

 Wishing you a fruitful life...

Medical Insurance

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