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The Mission


Wethaq Takaful Insurance – Egypt strives to be the first choice insurer in the Egyptian insurance market.


The Vision

We are committed to adding value to our shareholders through comprehensive and innovative Takaful solutions in managing risks and investment funds backed by a professional teamwork and strong solvency.


The values

Wethaq means tightness, synergy, solidarity and trust. And we commit ourselves to be all of that.


Sharia compliance:

We commit ourselves to apply Sharia concepts in all aspects of conducting business.



 We focus on their needs and to serve them perfectly, professionally and fairly. We aim at building a strong relationship of mutual trust and benefit, their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

*The essence of our values is our ability to succeed in providing excellent services based on commitment and quality


Team work

The company seeks to achieve its objectives through a team of highly effective and experienced managers and staff loyal to the Company. It cares about their continuous development through focused training programs, thus, helping them reach high levels of individual and team performance. Their contribution to the company’s success is recognized and rewarded.

الغلتزام بالشريعة  و بناء علاقة من الثقة المتبادلة والمنفعة المتبادلة، ورضاهم هو هدفنا النهائي

Our Message

الخيار الأول للمشاركين لدينا
 توفير حلول تكافلية شاملة ومبتكرة في إدارة المخاطر واستثمارات الشركة
نحن نشكل شراكات طويلة الأمد مع موظفينا
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